Can you complete the Grand Tour Challenges?


Sample GrandTour Problem
Sample GrandTour Solution

In each of the following puzzle applets, the object is to form a single closed path that visits each vertex exactly once!

There are just enough permanent links to guarantee that there is only one solution to each puzzle.


Click in the areas between adjacent vertices to toggle links on and off in order to construct your path. Black links are permanent, and cannot be toggled off. These links define the puzzle, and guarantee a unique solution.

The RESET BUTTON normally erases all your links, leaving the original puzzle. If you are on a branch path, the RESET button only erases the links on that branch. Successive clicks on RESET will remove successive layers of branching, eventually leading to the initial puzzle state.

The CHECK BUTTON will test your path. If you have completed the Grand Tour, then all the links will turn green. It is not necessary to reset in order to continue with the puzzle -- just click on any link, and the solution checking mode will be turned off. You can continue from there.

The BRANCH BUTTON changes the color of subsequent links. This allows you to try something out to see if it works, but to undo it if you wish. If you are on a branch, the RESET button will erase only those links on the current branch. [ NOTE: Currently there are only 3 levels of branching supported ]

Hex Grand Tour Puzzles
(using triangular geometry)

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Square Grand Tour Puzzles

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