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How to use the Monorail Advanced Controls (version 0.6.0 and earlier)

Advanced Controls (Branching and Forbid) were included in version 0.2.2 and 0.6.0 of the app but were hidden and not documented. They have been removed from version 1.0.0, having been replaced by Undo/Redo. If you are using version 0.6.0, here is some info that you might find helpful:

Enabling Advanced Controls

Go to the Settings page and turn Advanced Controls ON.
NOTE: In Monorail 0.2.2 and 0.6.0, the Settings Page is HIDDEN.
You can get to it from the About Page by dragging your finger from bottom to top of screen.

Branching controls

Branching supports trying out possibilities on a conditional basis.
There are 3 levels of branching: numbered 0, 1, and 2.
The default branch is level 0. The rails you add are colored blue.
If you touch the BRANCH button, you go to branch level 1, with green colored rails.
If you touch BRANCH again, you go to level 2, where rails are colored purple.
The RESET BUTTON will always exit the current branch, erasing all the rails of the current branch color.
When at Branch Level 0, RESET will erase all the blue rails, resetting to the original puzzle state.

Forbid control

The FORBID button toggles "forbid mode" ON and OFF.
When Forbid is OFF, touching a (non-permanent) rail will simply add or remove it.
When Forbid is ON, touching a rail cycles through 3 states:
If the rail is absent it is added,
If the rail is present, it is removed and replaced by an "X" (forbidden),
If the rail is forbidden, the "X" is removed and the rail remains absent.
This may be useful to jot a "mental note" that you have ruled out a given rail.