Welcome to Monorail Support for Android!

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Monorail Now Available as 2 Android Apps in Google Play Store.

Monorail Free (50 sample puzzles).

Monorail (for the full paid version which includes all 880 puzzles).

Port to Android (from iOS) was done by Apportable (Thank You!)

Monorail was originally written for iOS in collaboration with my son Aaron B. Iba, and released in July, 2011.
Apportable Inc. ported Monorail for the Android platform (released June, 2012).
A big thank you and tip of the hat to Apportable for a job well done!


E-mail bug reports, feedback, and support requests to ibapuzzles@gmail.com

Strategy Tips for Solving Monorail / Round Trip / Grand Tour puzzles

Check out Glenn's Expanded Book Intro (online only) with in-depth analysis and solving strategies

Why do my puzzles take longer and longer to load?

If you solve many hundreds of puzzles you may notice a slowdown in puzzle load time.

Here's how to fix that:

Simply Force Stop Monorail (or Monorail Free) in your Manage Apps Menu.

[NOTE: DO NOT UNINSTALL which will delete your app entirely and lose all your solving progress!]

When you restart your App (after the Force Stop) your puzzles should load much faster once again!