My Favorite Logic Puzzles

by Glenn A. Iba

Logic Puzzle Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

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Relix and Relix 2

Boxed In (1, 2, 3, and HD)

Iced In

PushingMachine and PushingMachine3D

Puzzling Cubes


Rail Maze and Rail Maze Pro


Subway Shuffle



Cave Dweller : Dy-No-Mite!

Hex Slide 1000 (see also Hex Slide 10000)

Puzzle Maniak

Rush Hour

Solitaire Chess

Cut the Rope

Pudding Monsters and Pudding Monsters HD


Logic Games (collection of 63 different Logic Puzzles)

Clickmazes BoxUp



Twin Beams Daily and Twin Beams

Puzzle Retreat

Some Great iPhone Logic Puzzle Blogs

For reviews of many more iPhone and iPad puzzle apps visit:

Tom Cutrofello's iphone puzzle blog


Nicola Salmoria's Nontrivial Games blog

Logic Puzzle Apps for Android

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Monorail Free (includes 50 Free Puzzles)

Monorail (Deluxe Paid version with 880 Puzzles in 3 puzzle packs)

Logic Puzzles Available via the Web

Target Tiling Video Game

Challenging puzzle variant of the video game Tetris

Soleau Software Games

Many great logic puzzles for Windows (once upon a time also available on Macs, but no more, sigh)
My favorites are: Akeyan Enigma, Axium Adventures, Crate Man, Duffer Dave, Freddy's Forest, Jungle Jean, Hard Hat, Juxto, Runes, and Ronnie's Resort.

Otto Janko's Online Puzzle Collections

A wonderful variety of great logic puzzles! Includes some of my own Grand Tour (Monorail) puzzles.
NOTE: This is a German language site, but you can click on the "English Flag" at top of the page and Google does a neat job of translating to English!