Target Tiling Puzzle Game

designed and written by Glenn A. Iba

What is Target Tiling?

Target Tiling is a very challenging interactive puzzle game inspired by Tetris.

Its features include:

How can I run Target Tiling?

To run Target Tiling do the following 3 steps:
(Don't be intimidated by these instructions - they are detailed - but the process is pretty easy)
  1. Save my CommonLisp source code target-tiling-3D-rel-1i.lisp as a file with .lisp extension.
  2. Go to LispWorks download page to download a free demo version of LispWorks Personal Edition.
    1. Under the download tab, select LispWorks Personal Edition
    2. Fill in the relevant info (your operating system, name, e-mail, etc)
    3. Then click Proceed to Download, to download an installer.
    4. Click on the installer icon to install your LispWorks Personal Edition
  3. Finally, to run the Target Tiling game:
    1. Start the LispWorks Personal Edition Application
    2. In LispWorks PE, under the File Menu select Compile and Load
    3. Navigate to the target-tiling-3D-rel-1g.lisp file you saved in step 1 and click OK
    4. You should see the Target Tiling 3D Game Control window appear
    5. Now (optionally) set the parameters to the game variation of your choice
    6. Click Help button to see list of commands
    7. Click Start Game button to start your game

Suggestions, Problems, and Feedback

Here are some suggested game settings to try out.

If you are encountering problems, check the FAQ (coming soon!)

For bug reports; problems or questions not in FAQ; or comments, feedback and/or suggestions for improvements to the game or interface
please send me an e-mail at: