Welcome to the Monorail Puzzle Page!

by Glenn A. Iba

History of Monorail Round Trip puzzles

Round Trip puzzles were invented by Stitch (his initials are S.E.W.) and first published in Dell Champion Variety Puzzles in the early 1990's.

Inspired by Stitch, I have extended the Round Trip idea to new grid sizes and geometries, and have published these puzzles in magazines, calendars, as a book "Round Trip Puzzles" (Sterling, 2011), and most recently as a puzzle app called Monorail for iOS and Android (app written in collaboration with my son Aaron B. Iba, and ported to Android by Apportable).

Where to find more Monorail Round Trip puzzles:

MONORAIL Puzzle App for iOS and Android

Runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPodTouch, and now Android!

View/download the free iPhone version: Monorail in the App Store

View/download the free Android version: Monorail Free in the Google Play Store

View/download the (paid) Android version: Monorail in the Google Play Store

Based on my book "Round Trip Puzzles" (see below)

App programmed by Glenn Iba and Aaron Iba (IBA Puzzles)

Round Trip Puzzles book (by Glenn A. Iba)

Published by Puzzle Wright Press/Sterling Publishing January 4, 2011.

Purchase online:
Round Trip Puzzles at Barnes and Noble online
Round Trip Puzzles at Amazon online.
Look for it in your local bookstores, as well!

Book includes 212 new puzzles of various sizes (ranging up to Square 12x12 and Hex 11x11).

Expanded Book Introduction (online only) with in-depth solving strategies

My Grand Tour Java Applets

My Grand Tour Java Applets let you play Monorail Round Trip puzzles in your Java-enabled browser.

Grand Tour (Round Trip) Path Puzzle Applet

Square puzzles of even sizes from 6x6 up to 16x16. Hex puzzles of all sizes from 5x5 to 13x13.

Click the image to play these challenging path puzzles online.

One Way Trip Path Puzzle Applet

One-Way Trip puzzles are a variation of Monorail Round Trip where there are Start and End Stations.

Click the image to play these challenging path puzzles online.

There are some strategy hints and more path puzzles in my paper Hamiltonian Cycle Puzzles submitted to the Exchange Book of G4G8 (the Eighth Gathering for Martin Gardner).

Scott Kim's Mindbenders Page-A-Day Puzzle Calendar

Scott Kim's page-a-day calendar includes 12 Round Trip puzzles or variations thereof each year.
The 2011 and 2012 Calendars include both Square and Hex One-Way Trip puzzles.
The 2013 Calendar includes Monorail Round Trip puzzles (both hex and square).

Purchase Mindbenders 2011 Calendar at Amazon

Purchase Mindbenders 2012 Calendar at Amazon

Purchase Mindbenders 2013 Calendar at Amazon

Grand Tour Puzzles at Janko.at

Grand Tour at janko.at

This is a German language site, but you can click on the "English Flag" at top of the page and Google does a neat job of translating to English! I believe these puzzles are taken (with permission) from my own Grand Tour pages, but Otto Janko has created a nice interface for playing the puzzles - check it out!

Loopy puzzles - part of Logic Games app (collection of 63 different Logic Puzzles)

Under the name "Loopy" this app includes 9 Monorail-type puzzles.
[ Not to be confused with Simon Tatham's Loopy puzzles which are like Slitherlink (a different kind of fun looping path puzzle).]
This Logic Games app includes many other fun logic puzzles (63 in all)!