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NEW: QUILTY PLEASURE Sliding Tile Puzzle now available!

Click on link to play Quilty Pleasure.

MULTITARGET Logic Puzzle App available on web, iOS, and Android!

MultiTarget for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) available for free download from App Store.

MultiTarget for Android available for free download from Google Play Store.

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PATCHMANIA Logic Puzzle App Launched March 19, 2015!

Download Patchmania in the App Store (it's free!)

Check out the Patchmania web page and trailer

Also view our Patchmania Facebook page (we're sure you'll like it!)

Patchmania app runs on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (requires iOS 7.0 or later)

For some background and history regarding Patchmania, check out the Patchmania Development Blog

Patchmania was developed and programmed by Jon Grall through his Indie company Little Details LLC.
Jon recruited an exceptionally talented team to contribute graphic art, animation, and music!
My role has been puzzle designer (there are 625 levels in the initial launch)!

MONORAIL Logic Puzzle App available for iOS and Android!


Monorail for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) still available for free download from the App Store.
Total of 880 puzzles -- all now available free on iOS, unlocked, and with no ads!


Monorail Free for Android (sample puzzles) available for free download from the Google Play Store.
Monorail (paid) for Android (with all 880 puzzles) available for download from the Google Play Store.

Some background:

(Warning: Many Users Find this App to be Extremely Addictive!)
Monorail puzzles based on my book "Round Trip Puzzles" (see below)
App programmed by Glenn Iba and Aaron Iba.

Click here for the Monorail Support Page

Contact Info for Glenn Iba

e-mail: giba@alum.mit.edu

home/business: 781-652-8100 (day or evening)
mobile: 781-640-3561
US mail:
8 Forest Court
Lexington, MA 02421


Here is a link to my resume in .pdf

My Book: Round Trip Puzzles

Available on-line at Amazon and in bookstores as of January 4, 2011

Expanded Book Intro (online only) with in-depth solving strategies

A Note on naming: Round Trip puzzles are the same as Grand Tour puzzles (see below). Round Trip is the original name - I introduced Grand Tour at a time when I thought the name Round Trip might be reserved. I apologize for any confusion caused by this.

A Note on covers: The above is the cover under which the book will appear in January. You may see an older cover design at various on-line sites (these should eventually get updated).

Some of My Games and Puzzles

One Way Trip Path Puzzle [NEW in JavaScript]

Play these challenging path puzzles on-line

Grand Tour Path Puzzle [NEW in JavaScript]

Play these challenging path puzzles on-line

There are some strategy hints and more path puzzles in my paper Hamiltonian Cycle Puzzles submitted to the Exchange Book of G4G8 (the Eighth Gathering for Martin Gardner).

Target Tiling Video Game

Challenging puzzle variant of the video game Tetris

My Favorite Logic Puzzles

Check out this list of My Favorite Logic Puzzles

My Blog: Notes and Musings

Here's a link to my blog, started this Spring (2013) Glenn A. Iba's Notes and Musings (glenniba.wordpress.com)

Personal and Family

Some family pictures

My music page