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Monorail App Developed by IBA Puzzles (Glenn Iba and Aaron Iba)

Monorail 1.3.1 Update is now (Nov. 14, 2017) available for free download from the iTunes App Store

BIG THANK YOU to AARON IBA (my CODE-WIZARD son) for doing this update (in a single day!!)

Currently listed only under iPhone apps, but should also run on iPad and iPod Touch.

What's New in Monorail 1.3.1


- total of 880 puzzles

- Bug fixed -- no more crash upon clicking CLEAR


Apologies for bugs that we missed in 1.2.0

If you are seeing ads in Monorail Full Version after updating to 1.2.0,
or are experiencing crashes on startup in ios 3,
please update to Monorail 1.2.1 which fixes both of those bugs.
We regret any distress or inconvenience this may have caused you!
If you continue to encounter these issues, or any others, please report them to ibapuzzles@gmail.com

Monorail 1.2.1 released Oct. 20, 2011

What's New in Monorail 1.2.1

1. New Rectangle Puzzles Pack (240 new puzzles via in-app-purchase)
- 120 new square puzzles of sizes 5x5 up to 8x8
- 120 new rectangle puzzles of size 6x5 up to 9x8

2. New Hexagon Puzzles Pack (240 new puzzles via in-app-purchase)
- 120 new hex puzzles of sizes 5x5 up to 8x8
- 120 new hex-rectangle puzzles of sizes 6x5 up to 9x8

3. Both of these puzzle packs include puzzles of greater difficulty than available in 1.0.0

4. Discounted pricing on each of the new puzzle packs, once all FullVersion puzzles are solved

5. New graphics

6. Free Version now supported by ads

7. Improved sound support: background sound now playable (e.g. iPod music)

8. Option to disable red-coloring of constraint violations

9. Fixes for two critical bugs affecting 1.2.0 users
- Fixed bug that caused users to see ads in the paid FullVersion if they had purchased it in 1.0.0 and then updated to 1.2.0
- Fixed bug that caused Monorail to crash on startup on devices running iOS 3.

Features carried over from 1.0.0

1. Free version containing 50 sample puzzles (both square and hex)

2. Full Version (350 additional puzzles via in-app-purchase, for a total of 400 puzzles)
- 220 square puzzles of sizes 4x4 up to 8x8
- 180 hex puzzles of sizes 5x5 and 7x7

3. Option to turn sound effects on/off

How to Contact Us

e-mail: ibapuzzles@gmail.com

We'd love to hear what you think of the app!

Background on Monorail Puzzles

Monorail puzzles are a kind of logic path puzzle, based on Round Trip Puzzles, as presented in Glenn Iba's book "Round Trip Puzzles" (see Glenn Iba's Home Page).

The puzzles also appear as "Grand Tour Path Puzzle Applet" on my home page. You can try them out here: Grand Tour Page

The book Round Trip Puzzles and the Grand Tour Puzzle Applets feature many examples of both Square and Hex path puzzles. The full version of Monorail 1.0.0 has 220 new square puzzles and 180 new hex puzzles of various sizes and difficulties.

Click for links to more Monorail Round Trip puzzles


Free Re-purchase: Restoring Paid Version

Note that Apple records your purchases (by the Apple ID used to make the purchase). You can always "re-purchase" an App or In-App-Purchase without being charged again!
This is very useful in several ways:

1. If you accidentally deleted your app.
2. If you upgraded your phone and lost access to the app.
3. If you want to run your app on multiple devices.

As long as you USE THE SAME APPLE ID for multiple purchases of the SAME ITEM, you will only be charged the first time!

CAUTION: The Rectangle and Hexagon puzzle packs come in both discounted and non-discounted versions. The discounted and non-discounted versions are distinct products. So to re-purchase these with no additional charge, you should figure out which version (with or without discount) you purchased originally, and make sure you are making the same purchase. This may require solving all the puzzles in the Full Original Version pack in order to qualify for the discounted version, if that was your original purchase. Sorry for the confusion caused by having two pricing options for each of these newer packs.

Strategy Tips for Solving Monorail / Round Trip / Grand Tour puzzles

Check out Glenn's Expanded Book Intro (online only) with in-depth analysis and solving strategies

What Happened to the Hidden Advanced Controls in version 1.0.0 release?

Monorail 1.0.0 does not include the hidden Advanced Controls, since they are incompatible with the Undo/Redo functionality.

Here is some documentation on Using Advanced Controls in Monorail 0.6.0 or 0.2.2